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A New spin on a classic game, our more modern design incorporates the classic 120 hole game with a new smoother game flow and enhanced board appearance. The board design is easy to navigate, well defined with markers every 5 spaces, and flows in a logical spiral pattern. Every attention to detail was addressed and incorporated in these beautiful game boards. Get Yours Today! Game Board Features: Aircraft Aluminum (Hard Anodized & Laser Engraved) Playing Deck Solid 1 3/4" Hard Wood Body (Available In: Oak, Maple, or Beech) Premium 5-Coat Deft - Semi-Gloss Finish Deck of Bicycle Playing Cards Set of 9 Premium Machined Metal Playing Pegs (3-Stainless Steel, 3-Brass, & 3-Copper) Deluxe Micro-Velvet or Leather Peg-Pouch Cork Anti-Slip Foot Pads Printed Playing Instructions (Also available for download on our Cribbage Rules page.) Cribbage Board Dimensions: Wood Deck: 10.25" Wide x 7.25" Deep x 1.75" Thick Aluminum Plate: 9" Wide x 6" Deep x .25" Thick For people who enjoy the finer things in life, we have created the most elegant hand crafted cribbage board available anywhere. Our exclusive board design makes the Classy Cribbage boards a world apart from any other cribbage board available. We take great pride in the craftsmanship of each piece. A Classy Cribbage board makes an excellent gift for someone you love, for yourself and is also an impressive executive gift Take your cribbage game to the next level. *Please keep in mind that these boards are made from Real Exotic Hardwoods, and in nature no two pieces of wood are the same. While we take great pride and detail in selecting our woods, there are grain marks and natural blemishes in the wood. We do not sell boards with "defects or knots in them" but natural beauty marks do occur.
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Cribbage Board Oak Deck Cribbage Board Maple Deck Cribbage Board Beech Deck Cribbage Board Red Deck - Modern Design Cribbage Board Blue Deck - Classic Design Cribbage Board Pewter Deck - Race Design Cribbage Board Leather Pouch & Pegs Cribbage Board Micro-Velvet Pouch & Pegs

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Cribbage Board Oak Deck Oak Board
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Cribbage Board Blue Deck - Classic Design Blue Classy
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Cribbage Board Micro-Velvet Pouch & Pegs Leather Pouch

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