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All I can say is, Classy Cribbage has put out a true piece of art. When I received my board ,which was perfectly packed for shipping, I was blown  away by the weight. When I opened the package my expectations were completely exceeded. The fit and finish of my board and base were  amazing. In my hand I held a solid chunk of Beech wood expertly hollowed out to hold my cards and pegs. I had a playing surface that was  perfect. Pure air craft aluminum,who does that? I'll tell you who, Alex at Classy Cribbage does. I now have an heirloom quality Cribbage board  that I can pass on to my children. Classy Cribbage is the real deal,first class all the way. Tim L. CA December `13 Thank you for the rush processing on this. I thought for sure ordering this 10-days before the Christmas rush that I was going to be giving a IOU  Card to my wife Christmas morning. Was I ever surprised when the mail man showed up this afternoon with my Cribbage Board, the only thing I  was more surprised by was the quality of your work. As the reviews state above, the attention to detail is very impressive. I know the wife is  absolutely going to love it, and I get the benefit of enjoying it as well. Merry Christmas  Jameson G. MN  December `12 Alex, we ordered this for our Dad as a Christmas present, I have to say Thank You! This board is far beyond what I expected, he is absolutely  going to love this. We opened up the box to wrap it and I have to tell you, the pictures on your site do not do it justice. Thank you again for such  quick shipping during the holidays too. Rachel C. TX  December `11 The board just arrived today, I am so glad we decided to make the purchase. We appreciate you being patient with us in picking the right wood.  Did not realize just how well this was going to go with our Oak gaming table… looks like it was crafted especially for me.  Tammy H.  February `11 This whole buying process has been wonderful, thank you for such great communication Alex. Both my wife Samantha and I appreciate all you  have done. Your board proudly sits as the centerpiece on our gaming table, looks fantastic. Thomas J. OR  January `11 This whole process has been such a pleasure, I really appreciate you swapping out he playing deck for me. I know you did not have to do that,  but I sincerely appreciate you going the extra mile for us. I will recommend both your site and your boards to all our friends. Julie H. OH  December `10 This is going to make a perfect Christmas gift for my husband, he work with wood as well, and is going to enjoy so much. Much appreciate Alex  for you make a great product, God Bless! Antoinette M. Brazil  November `10  Great board, the website does not do it justice… Thanks Alex. Jason S. TX  October `10 Alex, thanks for making such a beautiful product, my husband and I cannot stop playing, we own several different boards, and have been playing Cribbage for over 25 years and I must say this is one of the nicest boards we have ever seen. Thank you for such fast shipping as well. Jamie T. Arizona August `10 We got the board today and it is beautiful!  It arrived Valentine's Day and Terry and I have played several games on it.  Lovely workmanship.  Thanks again. I have a lot of friends who play cribbage, I'll pass the site along. Carolyn July `10  What amazing attention to detail, the board arrived today and I have to tell you I was extremely impressed. I do not order many products over the  Internet because I have been disappointed so many times. However with your board it is quite the opposite, what I received was well beyond my  expectations. My hat is off to you, excellent work and a beautiful product. Thank you! Toni C. January `10 Wow! Your cribbage board is a work of art. It arrived this morning and we're already in the midst of a game. Your eBay page does not do this  board justice. Being a novice hobbyist woodworker, I can really appreciate the time and skill it takes to make such a wonderful piece. Right down  to the smell of the varnish / polyurethane when I opened the box. Thanks! Brian, NC  December `09 We got the board today and it is beautiful!  It arrived Valentine's Day and Terry and I have played several games on it.  Lovely workmanship.  Thanks again. I have a lot of friends who play cribbage, I'll pass the site along. Carolyn, CA October `09
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